V1.5.2 (Expected Mid 2024)

  • Added British Airways 787 fleet. 

V1.5.1 (18-3-2023)

  • Fixed issue with donate button. 
  • Added a donation reminder.


v1.5 (13-3-2023) Major update

  • Added British Airways 777 fleet. To select British Airways go to the Settings page.
  • Added Airline selector on the Settings page.
  • Added dropdown menu selector for the main output box.
  • Added derived TAT to the Gear Down Landing Rate of Climb Available view. 
  • Added a +15% check box to the Non-Normal Calculated Landing Distance view. 
  • Added AUTOLAND check box to the Calculated Landing Distance view. (British Airways only)
  • Added permanent shortcuts for Settings, User Manual and Airspeed Unreliable view.
  • The Speed above VREF value will turn red for entries from 0 to 4. 
  • Double clicking the back button now resets the active data field to zero.
  • 737: previously QNH change had no effect on landing distances. This now has been changed.
  • 737: Maximum Speed above VREF adjustment reduced to 15 kt.
  • All types except 787: The advisory ADJ (AT OFF) output now disappears when Aircraft status is Airspeed Unreliable.
  • 787: The advisory ADJ (AT OFF) output now disappears when Aircraft status is Flaps + Slats Fail.
  • 787: Fixed issue that it was not possible to change Speed above VREF with Aircraft Status Airspeed Unreliable.
  • Added What’s New on first start-up of a new version.
  • Added pop-up to rate the app in the App Store.
  • Minor app improvements.
  • Updated User Manual.


v1.4 (16-1-2023)

  • Added Gear Down Rate of Climb Available.
  • Replaced the exchange symbol in the Main output box with backward and forward arrows. So now backward and forward scrolling is available.
  • Added checkboxes behind ICING (and if available WIFI) on the LCLW view to incorporate these weight adjustments in the displayed LCLW values.
  • Minor app improvements.
  • Updated user manual.


v1.3.4 (2-11-2022)

  • Fixed issue with UNRELIABLE AIRSPEED pitch power table, which was present from v1.3.3.


v1.3.3 (26-10-2022)

  • Fixed a landing distance bug for certain non-normal aircraft statuses in combination with braking action Medium to Good or less - and - NO REV.


v1.3.2 (2-5-2022) 

  • Minor bug fix.


v1.3.1 (28-4-2022) 

  • 777 and 787: Landing Climb Limit Weight now titled Approach or Landing Climb Limit Weight.
  • 787: Fixed issue with Airspeed Unreliable table values.
  • 737: Adjusted Airspeed Unreliable values to match QRH update of 28 April 2022.
  • App version number shown on settings page.
  • Other small app improvements.
  • Updated user manual.


v1.3 (3-2-2022) Major update

  • Added an automatic notification if a new version is available in the App store.
  • Enabled Fahrenheit settings option.
  • Added Landing Climb Limit Weight.
  • Added Go-around Climb Gradient.
  • Added Tire Speed Limit Landing Weight for 787.
  • Added Flight with Unreliable Airspeed tables.
  • Added Flap Maneuver Speeds and VREF.
  • Other small app improvements.
  • Updated user manual.


v1.2.2 (5-1-2022)

  • Fixed another bug in the RTO brake cooling info box.
  • Updated user manual.


v1.2.1 (3-1-2022)

  • Fixed a bug in the RTO brake cooling info box.
  • Updated user manual.


v1.2 (1-1-2022)

  • Added portrait mode.
  • Added RTO brake cooling advice.
  • Notes regarding landing weight exceedances are shown in red colour.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Updated user manual.


v1.1.2 (12-11-2021)

  • Fixed issue with maximum tailwind for B737.
  • Settings page: corrected engine, certification and brakes data for B737-700W. 
  • Updated user manual.


v1.1.1 (3-11-2021)

  • Fixed Vref ADJ(AT OFF) issue for gusty winds.
  • Introduced possibly to turn off keyboard click in settings.


v1.1 (21-10-2021)

  • 777-200ER and 777-300ER FUEL QTY LOW, manual speedbrakes double distance correction for manual speedbrakes fixed.
  • Changed colours for both day and night modes to reduce contrast and increase readability. 
  • Invalid input now disables output.
  • Landing weight input now valid up to Maximum Take-off Weight. Landing weights above Maximum Landing Weight which do not exceed Maximum Take-off Weight are now shown in RED.
  • Changed the keypad click sound to the iOS default sound.
  • Fixed donation payment issue.
  • Added a function that resets all input to default if the Backspace button is held for 3 seconds.
  • Fixed taxi miles entry issue.
  • Updated user manual.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


v1.0 (21-09-2021)

  • First release