Calculation of landing distances and much much more.

Made by pilots for pilots.


- Normal landing distances

- Non normal landing distances

- Combined output of distances for all possible flap and braking configurations

- Landing Brake Cooling Advise in colors and in values

- Rejected Take-off Brake Cooling Advice

- Integrated Wind Calculator

- Cross- and Tailwind Limitations

- (Approach and) Landing Climb Limit Weight

- Go-around Climb Gradient

- Gear Down Landing Rate of Climb Available 

- Tire Speed Landing Limit Weight

- Flight with Unreliable Airspeed table

- Flap Maneuver Speeds and VREF

- Checkboxes for Autoland, +15%, Icing, and Wifi radome corrections

- Intuitive multifunctional data entry pad for easy entry of data

- Support for multiple weight, distance, pressure and temperature units

- Support for landscape and portrait view, light and dark mode

- Support for multiple airlines and aircraft fleets

- In app user manual


Compatibility requirements


- iPadOS 12.0 or newer.


- macOS 11.0 or newer AND Apple M1-chip or newer.


DISCLAIMER: This calculator is not approved for operational use. Pilots should always refer to approved sources.