Q: Can the app be used instead of my company's manuals?

A: No; the app has not been certified by an official aviation body, so the app is not approved for operational use. Pilots should always refer to approved documentation. 


Q: Could the app be certified for official use?

A: Yes; for that please contact me to discuss the possibilities. 


Q: Is there a user manual for the app?

A: Yes, it is accessible through the "i" symbol in the app. Also you may download it here.


Q: Which aircraft are currently included in the app?

A: The full KLM Boeing fleet: 737-700W, 737-800W, 737-800W SFP1, 737-900W, 777-200ER, 777-300ER, 787-9 and 787-10 and the British Airways Boeing 777 fleet: 777-200ER GE, 777-200ER RR and 777-300ER.


Q: Could my airline / aircraft type be included in the app?

A: Please contact me via the contact form; then I will consider to do it.


More Q&A coming soon.